Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Watermelon Sandwich

Carb Counting? Have a Gluten Intolerance? I have an idea for you!

8 slices seedless watermelon (4 x 6 x ½ inch thick)
2 cups homemade* or homemade style, bread and butter pickles (sandwich stackers)
(*A lot of farmers’ markets have vendors with these as well as gourmet supermarkets)
 2 cups chopped fresh basil leaf 16 ¼ inch thick slices fresh mozzarella cheese

Divide the bread and butter pickles in an even layer over 4 of the slices of watermelon. Sprinkle the basil leaf over the pickles. Places an even layer of cheese over the basil using four slices per sandwich. Place a remaining slice of watermelon atop each sandwich. Using two decorative picks each, secure the sandwiches together such that you can cut them diagonally into 2 pieces. Serve sandwiches with corn chips or over greens as “fork sandwiches.” 

Watermelon slices are a great alternative to bread,  are low in calories, and keep you hydrated! Next time you want a turkey club or ham sandwich try using watermelon instead!

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