Friday, June 14, 2013

About Me: Simply Sylvia

Hello All! I am excited to announce that it's my favorite time of year. 
Like many of you, I love catching a few rays poolside while reading a book although
 my favorite part of summer is all the fresh produce at Farmer's Markets.
I am a huge advocate for buying locally grown and farm fresh!

A little history about me:  
My passion for healthy lifestyles began when I was a Senior in High School.  I had just won a speech contest for the National Watermelon Association which enabled me to travel the continental US as their Public Relations Ambassador. I traveled the East Coast to the West Coast educating groups and communities on the importance of fruits, veggies, and healthy lifestyle choices.  
 This was a WONDERFUL opportunity that allowed me to network with industries, lobby on Capital Hill in Washington, DC., and even attend a Produce Marketing Association Convention in Orlando, Florida.
 Every other weekend I felt like I was hopping on a plane to spread my message of healthy eating. 
I love and treasured my time with the Watermelon Association because it solidified my career choice of becoming a Registered Dietitian.

Now let's jump forward: 
 Currently, I am a Senior Dietetic Student at the University of Southern Indiana. 
 I work at a local hospital in the diet office and intern at a weight loss management center in the area. Recently, I have decided to become a Personal Trainer and am working on becoming certified with ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)

 With that said, I wanted to create a blog with tips to balancing life and balancing diet.
 I also want to supply recipes for all of those yummy fruits and veggies we will be munching on this season. 

 So sit back, relax, visit a local Farmer's Market, and get your five servings of fruits and veggies! 

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