Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How to Keep Your "Get Fit" Resolution Past January

So, we have all made our New Year's resolutions to get fit, hit the gym, lose weight, and get toned - but how do we do that?

You, like many, may have started strong out of the gate only to give up after the first few weeks into January. FEAR NO MORE MY FRIENDS! Here are some tips for success from day one to day 365 of 2015!

Start with the right attitude! How you envision or "see" yourself at the beginning of your workout regimen will ultimately define where you end up.  For example:  Jan 1, 2015 you awaken full of restrictive, self-critical thoughts. How are you suppose to take action in that mindset to make yourself feel happy, healthy, strong, and confident?  Answer: You don't.  Wake up each morning realizing this day is a gift. Be thankful that you can workout, push yourself to workout, and know that each tiny workout and each little step simply brings you one inch closer to where you want to end up.  Before you know it, you will see the progress you've made and will continue to take notice.

Focus on the tiny victories. Wake up and feel excited to try something new! Did you wake up today and feel excited to workout? Do you sleep better when you don't have a heavy dinner?  Do you have more energy when you workout in the morning?  Are you able to spend quality time with a friend or significant other by going on a hike twice a week?  Cultivate those healthy habits and happier thoughts and feel empowered by them.  Be excited by each little victory and before you know it you will have made a giant leap!  Enjoy the journey and don't burn yourself out with unrealistic expectations the first few weeks. If you notice yourself getting tired of the same ole same ole, join a fitness class or buy a cheap fitness DVD, it can keep you motivated and will help you work different muscles.  After all, the journey is long and in the end it's only with yourself.

Do not get discouraged. The ugly truth of the matter is, your progress will slow down after the initial few weeks.  On average, it takes three months of consistent healthy habitual practices to re-calibrate to a stable version of a "leaner stronger" you.  If you are starting a new program, you may notice change within the first three weeks (naturally our bodies want to drop weight and build muscle) and then a couple of months where the progress seems to slow down- the time many of us start to get discouraged- DO NOT STOP at this point!  This is a vital component of any weight loss/weight maintenance program.  During this time, we are changing on the hormonal level and our bodies are shifting metabolically.  Stop and focus on all the things that are happening positively with your body- increased energy, power, self-confidence, knowing you are taking care of your one and only body, how much you have grown from the previous you, and how you are trying new recipes or activities that you've never done before!  Just keep reminding yourself "It's worth it and YOU are worth it!"

It's all a balancing act. Diet does not equal restriction.  According to Webster, the first definition of diet is " the kinds of food that a person or community habitually eats" i.e. common foods that get in your belly! I want you to take notice of the kinds of habits you are making.  Are they good? Bad? Can you change them?  Are they want you want them to be?  Habits are 100% in your control and can always be made or broken.  Do you eat for enjoyment and because you want to fuel your body or are you eating because your lonely, bored, emotional, etc? I challenge you to rediscover a yummy, healthy recipe you haven't tried in years.  Enjoy a crisp and fresh carrot and make a date with your friend to cook a healthy meal at home.  Stop, and really taste that homemade brownie.  Most importantly, MOVE your body. Keep yourself in MOTION. Remember that your body is a unique gift that cannot be exchanged, replaced, or refunded.  There's only one per customer so enjoy!

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